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Camera systems

Camera systems are becoming increasingly commonplace in our lives. Their aim is to actively monitor events in the areas of interest followed by movement warnings or other undesirable activities in the monitored area. With the development of digital technologies and their continuous reduction in prices, these technologies are becoming increasingly available. The use of computer networks and the Internet as a universal medium for the distribution of audio and video makes a significant contribution to this. CCTV systems are no longer used to simply transfer the image from the object. They can be integrated with security, access, fire, perimeter protection or video analysis or other systems. This increases and streamlines object protection, minimizes false alarms, and so on. For integration, we use our own integration framework called Insomnia, which ensures the flexibility of every solution that is implemented.

Simple monitoring

Simple indoor and outdoor monitoring systems are implemented through separate digital cameras without the need for additional devices. The cameras have built-in motion detectors with the ability to send an instant message to an email or mobile phone in the event of an alarm.

Komplexné riešenia

To build a comprehensive solution we provide complete service from design to implementation and warranty or post-warranty service. Our employees are regularly trained to use new technologies to provide qualified and expert technical services to our customers.

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