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Security systems and weak current solutions

The electronic security system consists of motion detectors, door opening detectors, fire, gas, CO2, methane, and glass and glass detectors, flooding or vibration detection. The entire set of security features is connected to the controller. The ESS ensures communication with selected components, such as police, PCO (central protection desk), firefighters or even a customer’s mobile phone.


Perimetry is designed for external protection of objects by installing a sensor cable for fencing, installation in the ground, in the shade or by separate infrared heaters. It is a modern security system to protect the perimeter of the perimeter of the building or other areas where timely information on the violation of the protected object is needed, ie. j. Immediately upon attempting to enter unauthorized persons into a protected building, land, respectively. to other external and internal spaces.


Modern systems use contactless identity cards, biometric sensors or face recognition. They are designed to keep track of attendance, vehicle and visitor control in the office or off-site. The system can also be combined with existing technologies such as existing identity cards, turnstiles, entry gates or other devices.


The whole system allows you to communicate with an incoming visit and open the door with a button. The video phone also adds an image to the audio communication. Visual inspection of incoming visits increases safety, especially at night, thanks to built-in infrared diodes around the camera. Video telephones can also be used for additional functions, such as additional buttons. opening the gate, switching on external lighting, or switching to an additional external camera.


Radar systems used to support speed limits help to reduce accident rates in the community. The vehicle’s speed is projected onto the dashboard and prompted the driver immediately after the maximum value is exceeded. They are placed on the public lighting columns from which they are powered. If necessary, a solar panel can be used for power supply.

There are several alternatives for implementation: • Speed display only.
• Speed and SPEED display when the speed limit is exceeded.
• Mounted with a traffic light that turns signaling from normal green to red based on speed. In this case it is necessary to add traffic signs.


Securing a live image or recording of a corporate, commercial or other online event. By means of moderated services, it is possible to add separate subtitles to the image with a description of the overall events in front of the cameras. By using the image in the image, it is possible to exchange views of the cameras for dynamic transmission of the recording. Subsequently, the respective image is sent via streaming servers to all Internet subscribers. As a result, individual shots are available for both computers and mobile devices with online audio transmission to complement the overall event experience.

There are several options available in the solution:
• Cloud upload
• facial anonymization
• heat map object
• and others.


On July 1, 2013, a new Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data, which obliges firms, municipalities and other operators to prepare and maintain safety documentation.

The advantage of the documentation processing by our company is its elaboration on the basis of real experience and problems of our customers, verified knowledge of our experts in the field of legislation, security technologies used in the protection of personal data as well as in communication with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic. Each security project is tailor-made and includes specifications based on the customer’s real needs.

The safety documentation includes:
• analysis of information system security,
• safety directive
• security intention
• security Project,
• registration of information systems at the Office for Personal Data Protection,
• training of authorized persons,
• consulting services.

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