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Video analysis

Smart video analyzes are installed on the server or directly into cameras. These applications address demanding requirements and are successfully installed in many industries.

Violation of space

Intelligent object monitoring to protect people from entering the protected zone. With its unique zone creation concept, it recognizes the standard behavior of objects against intruders. Detection can be flexibly adjusted based on fencing layout or other exterior components.

Checking sabotage

Camera monitoring in case of overlap, rotation or splashing. It recognizes the forms or position of objects, and evaluates changes in the camera image accordingly. The possible camera manipulation is then quickly detected, thus increasing the availability of the overall camera system.

Detection of non-standard behavior

A module for real-time warnings in case of non-standard behavior of the object in the zones of interest, taking into account the time spent in the given activity. In addition, it is also weather-resistant and allows detection even in bad weather. It can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Indoor monitoring room

Real warnings in case of intrusion and into secured internal spaces. It recognizes the size of the object along the entire camera image, analyzes the direction of the object, and recognizes it in different perspectives. This facilitates reliable detection of unauthorized access even under low light conditions.

Protection of means of transport

A module for warning in case of suspicious behavior at closed stations or stops. Recognizes vehicles and monitors passenger behavior. It recognizes atypical movements in vandalism even under difficult lighting conditions. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Detection of fire and smoke

Module of real-time warning for fires in closed halls or underground tunnels. It can recognize and classify typical fire characteristics at an early stage, facilitating timely and reliable fire and smoke detection even without fire detectors.

Detection of unauthorized parking

Warning in case of illegal or unauthorized stopping of the vehicle in the monitored area. It distinguishes between the type of means of transport, its movement and the time it stands in the monitored area. Counts the time spent in a given area and, in the case of exceeding a set limit, signals the event to the responsible staff. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Deferred baggage

Intelligent module for real-time warning in case of presence of suspicious luggage in the monitored interior space. It records stored items or bags, verifies and verifies immobility time, warns. Allows accurate detection of abandoned or potentially dangerous bags, cases, etc. also in very busy areas such as public transport stations, airports and so on. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

3D object protection

It is a module for real-time warnings in case of unauthorized approach to the displayed object. With the support of Time-of-Flight cameras, it creates a 3D cover to protect it, for example. sculptures or trunks. This facilitates the detection of vandalism or theft attempt without disrupting the exhibition. It is suitable for internal use.

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